Rubber In Malaysia has truly come a long way and Malaysia prides itself in being the third biggest natural rubber producer in the world. Besides its great production, the country also boasts of not just being well establishment in rubber production but also production of highest quality rubber. In fact, the rubber that is produced here in Malaysia is being used as the benchmark for the international rubber market and this just shows the great reputation Malaysia has in this sector.

Range of rubber products produced

One thing about rubber Malaysia is that this is not a single product industry but there are numerous products that are produced here. These products are essentially produced from natural rubber and also rubber wood products and you can be sure and certain that you will always get what you want here. Being the country that leads the rest in production and exportation of rubber, some of the notable rubber products available here include rubber medical gloves, latex thread and catheters. According to economic statistics in the country, the rubber sector in Malaysia injected RM 19.6 billion into the export earnings of the country and this essentially comprised of RM 5.2 billion coming from natural rubber while manufactured goods earned 7.9 billion and rubber wood products produced RM 6.5 billion.

In 2014, the total world rubber production was estimated at 28.5 million tones and this essentially grew at a rate of 2.9% annual average considering that 2007 only recorded 23.4 million tones. The estimated production of natural rubber was at 11.8 million tones and this essentially accounted for about 41 percent of the total rubber produced in the world. The rest, 59 percent to be specific was accounted for by synthetic rubber production and the estimated production was at about 16.7 million tones.

Consumption of rubber Malaysia is one of the highest in the world and the country is rated as the either largest rubber consumer in the world. Other countries where rubber consumption is high in the world include the USA, China, Thailand, India, Japan, Germany, Indonesia and the Republic of Korea. The production and consumption of rubber in Malaysia owes its great success to the availability of high quality raw materials in the country, good infrastructure, political stability and research & development supported by Malaysian Rubber Board together with Tun Abdul Razak Research Center. As such, Malaysia has remained as a significant player in the global rubber market whereby it supplies numerous types of rubber products to the market.

Below is the list of Rubber Manufacturer in Malaysia.

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