People wear different uniforms according to the nature of their jobs. There are uniforms for some jobs like auto repair, corporate uniform, and others.  As a result of the different people that will wear the uniforms, there also different manufacturers with expertise in different forms of uniforms.

For instance, here are some uniform manufacturers and what they specialize on:

Kude Knit Process Pvt. Ltd.

This uniform manufacturer specializes in uniforms for auto repairers too. They have different product types such as shirts & tops, pants & shorts, and overalls.  Regardless of your body size and shape, Kude Knit Process will take care of that by giving you something that is ideal for your body shape and size. You can also get it in whatever color of your choice

Skylarks Uniforms

If you are interested in corporate uniforms, Skylarks Uniforms is your answer. The company produces blazers for both genders, uniforms that are specially designed to be worn in private offices or corporate companies. These uniforms are made from either poly cotton or lycra cotton to ensure their durability and ease of maintenance. Both the employers and employees can get the uniform of their choice with the following features:

  • Dignified look
  • They are easy to clean
  • Excellent color combinations.

BIZFRIEND PTE LTD – Leading Singapore T-Shirt Supplier is business owners and corporate executives preferred source for exceptional corporate wear. They established out of strong dedication to help corporate company dress comfortably and look great.

They offer 3 distinct ranges of corporate T-shirts to suit your specific requirements & budget:

Allied Outfitters Limited

Allied Outfitters Limited is a specialist for Men’s corporate uniforms. The company is experienced in designing and manufacturing superior quality corporate uniforms for men that can be worn for formal events, especially, for office purposes.

High-grade fabrics are used for their designs while advanced machines are used to churn out high-quality corporate uniforms. You can get the pants in a variety of designs, color combinations, and patterns according to your specific requirements.

The qualities of their designs include resistance to shrinking, top notch finish, and colorfastness.

The company is also into corporate dress uniforms. This versatility is the result of the expertise of their skilled professionals who will go out of their ways to give you the best design that you deserve. The designs are done by skilled designers while the fabrics used are supreme grade sewn with the latest techniques.

You can get the corporate dress uniform in a waistcoat length with different designs, sizes, colors, and patterns as required by the client.

These uniforms have their unique features too. They include:

  • Lustrous shine
  • Eye-catching look, and
  • Innovative design.

Bombay collection

This is another big player in the game. Bombay collection offers corporate uniforms for a variety of corporate purposes such as Uniform Belt, Ladies Corporate Uniform, Sales Uniform, Mens Corporate Uniform and others.

You can get a variety of product types like Suits & Sarees, Dresses, Trousers &Skirts, Shirts & Tops, and the likes. Whether you are a male or female, Bombay Collection will cater to your needs. The company also caters to the needs of adults and youth of both sexes, giving them the opportunity to get the best uniform from one of the best uniform manufacturers in the industry.