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How the rubber industry has evolved in Malaysia

Rubber In Malaysia has truly come a long way and Malaysia prides itself in being the third biggest natural rubber producer in the world. Besides its great production, the country also boasts of not just being well establishment in rubber production but also production of highest quality rubber. In fact, the rubber that is produced here in Malaysia is being used as the benchmark for the international rubber market and this just shows the great reputation Malaysia has in this sector.

Range of rubber products produced

One thing about rubber Malaysia is that this is not a single product industry but there are numerous products that are produced here. These products are essentially produced from natural rubber and also rubber wood products and you can be sure and certain that you will always get what you want here. Being the country that leads the rest in production and exportation of rubber, some of the notable rubber products available here include rubber medical gloves, latex thread and catheters. According to economic statistics in the country, the rubber sector in Malaysia injected RM 19.6 billion into the export earnings of the country and this essentially comprised of RM 5.2 billion coming from natural rubber while manufactured goods earned 7.9 billion and rubber wood products produced RM 6.5 billion.

In 2014, the total world rubber production was estimated at 28.5 million tones and this essentially grew at a rate of 2.9% annual average considering that 2007 only recorded 23.4 million tones. The estimated production of natural rubber was at 11.8 million tones and this essentially accounted for about 41 percent of the total rubber produced in the world. The rest, 59 percent to be specific was accounted for by synthetic rubber production and the estimated production was at about 16.7 million tones.

Consumption of rubber Malaysia is one of the highest in the world and the country is rated as the either largest rubber consumer in the world. Other countries where rubber consumption is high in the world include the USA, China, Thailand, India, Japan, Germany, Indonesia and the Republic of Korea. The production and consumption of rubber in Malaysia owes its great success to the availability of high quality raw materials in the country, good infrastructure, political stability and research & development supported by Malaysian Rubber Board together with Tun Abdul Razak Research Center. As such, Malaysia has remained as a significant player in the global rubber market whereby it supplies numerous types of rubber products to the market.

Below is the list of Rubber Manufacturer in Malaysia.

Sin Thye Rubber are rubber products manufacturer and supply industrial rubber products in Malaysia, all their rubber components and rubber producing methods comply with the local requirements.

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Office partitions and why you should use them

Most of us tend to spend a lot of our working hours in medium and large office environments. This essentially happens in buildings that were designed to be used as offices or ones that were converted substantially for accommodating offices and the large areas are generally open space. Generally, large offices tend to be concerned more with administration, service as well as marketing and communication areas and as such many human resources are required. Human beings are known to not only influence but also get influenced by the environment and react to it. To avoid having to deal with open spaces all over the office, it is important that you consider the importance of office partitions.

Value addition

It is needless to stress on how office partitions can boost the value of an office and this can certainly have a great outcome. The partitions help a lot to create the best mini- environment for undertaking specific jobs all within the office’s overall structure. Doing so can certainly go a long way in creating the whole difference and helps a lot in ensuring that work is being carried out in the most effective way possible. Some jobs for example need no distraction and noise interruption resulting from other parts of the office should be minimal if any. Still, it so happens that certain situations require enclosed spaces and such situations and jobs can necessitate the use of moveable office partitions as well as folding and sliding partitions, which tend to work greatly.

Enhance smooth business operations

A nice structured permanent layout that compliments the process systems of the office as well as hierarchy may be important to ensure that the business runs smoothly. Getting the office space fitted out and refurbished is a great way of ensuring that the benefits required are achieved. This should essentially be done with minimal disruption and should take the shortest time possible. In addition, office partitions should also be affordable and the business shouldn’t be made to pay a fortune for them.

Actually, office partition are known to be a very affordable way that can help businesses achieve their desired features and layout and doesn’t necessitate undertaking major structural changes in the office building. Essentially, the partitions tend to provide great flexibility and choice in ascertaining the kind of materials, finishes, colors, features and glazing that needs to be used as well as how and where. Considering that not many bricks, blocks, plaster, paint and cement are required, quick installation can be undertaken with the business operations undergoing minimal disruptions.

Keeping all these aspects in mind, you can understand why using office partition makes a lot of sense regardless of the kind of business that you are dealing with. In today’s world, you can be sure that you have many choices available at your disposal than you would imagine. The great design flexibility available means that you can be able to find the best one for you depending on what you need.

Office Partitions Companies In Malaysia

There are many office partitions company in Malaysia offering great price, which is Shelton Trading Malaysia, Artsystem Malaysia and etc.

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Get a new look with office renovation and celebrate success

For any business to be successful, it should definitely consider office renovation. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to spend a fortune in giving those old features a fresh look. In case you notice that your office needs to be renovated, you should consider this is as a good sign. It is essential for office design to be refreshed or revived since over time, it tends to lose style and you can celebrate the accomplishment. You have no reason to worry even when you don’t really have a great budget as such. There are some remarkable professional design tips, which can really help you a lot even when you have a tight budget.

Give your office a new image

The thing with office renovation is that it can really go a long way towards giving your office the much desired new image. To start with, you should have some consultation with your interior designer so that you can get professional advice as to how you should go about it. The designer will explain to you various ways on how you can boost the potential of your office by giving the old features a fresh look.


Even for a business with scheduled cleanings on the carpet, traffic from employees and customers can give the carpet a harder hit compared to other parts of the office. Since the workers and employees will keep moving around, you can be sure that they won’t have to remove their shoes and it is essential that you consider carpet replacement. New carpet installation isn’t a simple undertaking as such, but it is a crucial part in office renovation.


Giving the walls fresh coat paint helps a lot in making the work space livelier and it is also a great way for inspiring positivity and creativity. Top color trends tend to come and go with time and you shouldn’t stick with those bright colors that used to rock in the 80s. In addition, using wall coverings is a great way is a great way to give your walls a new and fresh look.


Office furniture styles also changes just like color trends and when undertaking office renovation, it is important that you check those outdated chairs. And in case, chairs are bound to be worn out, ripped or stained. A great option to consider is having new upholstery for them whereby they are fitted with new fabric and will certainly look as new and this will help hide the signs of wear and tear.


There are many great ideas for office space and a professional designer will definitely help you a lot to utilize your office space in the best way possible. Creative cubicle planning also helps a lot in making the employees to work on a small space and it is also important that you invest in furniture systems that are modular and be more creative as you undertake your office renovation.

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Ten Tips to a Successful Sales Promotion

The role of sales promotion in increasing demand for product

Various techniques are used for sales promotion purposes. Most of the companies and businesses make use of the technique for either a short or long time horizon so that they could target a particular sector such as customers, businesses and retailers. Even though there are other ways to increase demand for goods such as through successive advertisement, reduction in price and improvement in quality etc. but most of the businesses do usually find the need to use sales promotions as well. Even though there are several sales promotions techniques that are commonly incorporated by various companies and businesses but a person should know about the best methods that are available.

Fundamental tips that the company or business should be aware of

The first important point to note is that the business should plan everything accordingly for a successful sales promotion and should never act upon hinges and impulses. Secondly, they should be aware of the audience or sector that they wish to target i.e. whether they are customers or retailers or other businesses. Thirdly, they should be clear about their objectives and should aim to follow them at any costs. Fourthly, the business should be aware of the different promotion techniques that are suitable for their company and if they had previously implemented them, they should be aware of the results and try to change or edit them accordingly.

Tips that can have significant impact in the short and long run

The fifth important yip is that the business should be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of their sales team so that they can expect the results accordingly. The sixth important tip for sales promotion is to have an idea about the position of the company and its product in the market and evaluate the probable results in a similar manner. The seventh crucial tip is that a company should understand that promotions are only targeted for short-term purposes and the companies should be able to differentiate between promotions and advertisements and could use both methods simultaneously as well. The eighth tip is to be innovative in nature and instead of solely relying on old tips; they should come up with new ideas. Companies should be aware of the budget that they could allocate on such promotions so they do not face financial constraints. Lastly, even though a business cannot calculate their success but they should be able to approximate the results that they should get through sales promotion.

Why is it important to carry out sales promotions?

Because of the rise in competition, companies and business often opt for short-term techniques such as sales promotions so that they could increase their sales and be able to boost up the level of demand for their product. Even though they definitely give importance to methods, which generate long-term benefits but techniques such as a sales promotion could be just as beneficial even if they are operative in the short-term only.


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How can you do sales promotion of your business to gain more customers?

What is sales promotion?

There are several factors and aspects involved when a company wants to carry out a sales promotion so that they could increase their consumer base. These promotions might target different types of people apart from customers such as businesses, retailers and sales staff etc. However, if the promotions are mostly targeted towards the customers in order to boost up the demand for their products, these are considered as customer sales promotions. Such promotions may sometimes be short term in nature which means that the promotions could be available for a limited time period so that they could the demand could increase sharply within this period hence the long term demand might not be affected through this.

Different ways to gain more customers

There are different types of sales promotion techniques, which could be helpful for a business that aims to increase their number of customers. Customers can get attractive discount rates or can get free samples for trial. Customers also demand for those products in which they could get free or extra amount of the good with constant price hence the percentage of the good being sold could be increased without altering the price. Coupons could also be offered to customers through mail, newspapers and magazines that can encourage them to purchase the good. People can also be offered gifts and rewards through the products and these gifts could be either mystery gifts or those that are already known to people such as branded pens and bicycles. Sales promotion might also include loyalty cards where if they buy the products from specific retailers, they have the opportunity to swap these goods with money or any other good later.

Why is it important for businesses to gain more customers?

Companies face a lot of competition from other similar firms in the industry. It is because of this reason that they try to come up with different ways to maintain and improve the demand of their goods amongst their customers. Even though there are several economical factors such as price and quality of the goods that can play a crucial role in this regards but there are specific factors, which are applied during customer sales promotion so that the customer base could be enhanced. If companies do not make a substantial effort to promote their goods, the customers will not be aware of them and hence sales promotions play a crucial role in increasing demand for any product.

Role of customers

Customers are the sole asset of any business because it would not be possible for any business to perform in a successful manner if there would be no demand for the products that they offer. This shows that customers play a significant role in improving or deteriorating the performance and returns of the company. It is for this reason that a business should always stand on its toes when dealing with customers and try to offer sales promotion that they cannot ignore easily.

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The Advantages of an Electric Paper Cutter

Paper cutter and its brief history

Just like the name suggest, the aim of a paper cutter is to cut a paper or a large stack of papers in a straight line so that they are equal in shape and size. Initially, a fixed blade was used during the 1830’s which was created by Thirault in order to cut paper and since then, there have been drastic changes made to these cutters so that they can be used in an effective manner and people do not face any problems while using them. In Germany, there were contributions made by Fomm and Krause. In England, Furnival brought about changes in them and the works of Oswego and Seybold are prominent in United States.

Benefits of using paper cutters

Business and individuals can use a paper cutter because of various reasons and they are important because they facilitate the tasks of people. Even though individuals can use small cutters if they wish to cut their papers in different shapes and sizes but if a large organization has to do the same job, this might be a problem and thus this issue is resolved through large electric and hydraulic paper cutting machines, which can cut high stacks of papers easily. This can save time, energy and costs of the organization and thus these factors could be utilized in other productive methods. Their main purpose is to cut in the paper in the desired shape and size and thus this is the main reason why people and companies use a paper cutter.

What are the different uses of an electronic paper cutter?

Electronic paper cutters could be used for various purposes. With their help, people can not only make different designs of the paper but can also cut cardboards and chart papers in order to make different attractive designs and shapes. These could be very helpful in making creative posters and attractive three-dimensional crafts, greeting cards and even scrapbooks. Apart from large organizations, even students can use them if they have to make any project or any artwork by cutting different shapes and designs through electronic paper cutters. Paper cutting is done in an easy and accurate manner with the help of an electronic paper cutter and even with this category; there are different brands and type of electronic paper cutters available that have different cutting styles and sizes

Some important tips

Even though there are several advantages of using electronic paper cutters but a person should also know that there are also risks and concerns associated with using them. A person needs to be extremely careful while using them so that they can avoid any accident that might hurt and injure them. People should thus know about how to use these cutters and be aware of all the important techniques related to them.  It is for this reason that the electronic paper cutter machines now include dual push buttons that can ensure the safety of people who use these machines and can make sure that the papers are cut in an effective way.

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Marketing techniques for Food Catering Business

This business can ace a growth rate, which is exponential in nature only if the people involved are able to apply effective techniques to promote it. Because of high competition in the market in amongst caterers, management can use techniques such as designing of attractive brochures and distribute them to people. A website can also be designed and it can be promoted through social networks and online advertisement. Events and wedding journals can also include the advertisement of this business. Once the business gains some demand and becomes relatively stable in the market, it can also connect their business with people who own venues and those who plan these events. It is only through endless dedication and efficiency of techniques used which can definitely ensure that food catering services business can generate large profits.

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What is the meaning of industrial automation?

Industrial automation devices are important because they help to speed up the process of production and can thus provide benefits for the company as they can cater to the needs of the customers without having to face any shortage. It is mostly used in the manufacturing sector of any economy and if the company has sufficient devices that can complete their task on time, it may also help the company to gain economies of scale, which means that their total cost may fall as the number of goods produced by them increases.  This can also provide benefits to the customers because a fall in the cost of any good is also transferred to the customers in terms of low prices charged for them. Because the purchasing power of people will increase, it will allow them to afford more products and enjoy using them than as compared to their previous situation.

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Can business consultants really help your business to grow?

What role can a business consultant play in ensuring a persistent growth of the business?

The main aim of a business consultant is to use their skills and knowledge regarding the market trends and growth prospects or risks that a business might face and give advice accordingly. In the rapidly progressing environment of business world, companies tend to adopt all the latest technological innovations that can be useful for their future growth. On the other hand, it also becomes crucial for them to incorporate the assistance of those experienced consultants who have a relative idea about how the market might behave in near future. This volatility is the main reason why businesses now prefer to get the services of people who can advise them regarding the business policies that the companies need to engage in or amend them according to the situation of the market. People who are involved in their business can only focus upon the responsibilities that they are required to perform. If they divert their attention to other areas of concern, then their level of productivity might be affected. This requires the inclusion of those people who are specifically involved in advising the business.

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How can a company select the best shipping company?

Logistics management with a high rate of efficiency and success rate will definitely attract large amount of customers. Customers will always prefer those companies on which they trust completely and believe that their products will be exported and the raw materials may be imported in an effective manner. If the shipping company damages most of the goods during the process of shipping them, then the losses might affect the company in a negative manner by reducing their profits and growth rate. Good shipping companies ensure that the movement in the sea does not harm the resources and products that are being transferred. This proves to be the basic point that determines whether the company will be willing to make use of any particular shipping management company or not and how long do they wish to make use of their services in future.